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ATMOS® i View 21/31 Colpo (ATMOS MedizinTechnik, Germany)

ATMOS® i View 21/31 Colpo – the colposcope with a system for perfect viewing and working.


We don’t do anything else.

But we do it differently.

We don’t do anything else.

But we do it differently.


Features of the ATMOS® i View 21/31 Colpo:

  • Five-stage magnification changer
  • Additional fine focus
  • Built-in camera module
  • HD-camera connection with Sony E-mount
  • Large exit pupil
  • Fast three-dimensional perception
  • Comfortable operation without eye fatigue
  • Stereo base of 24 mm
  • Optimized stereo effect
  • Optimal image sharpness
  • High-quality color correction
  • HD technology


The all-round confidence package


It is possible to accurately adapt the ATMOS® i View to individual requirements. For gynaecologists many features make it a flexible all-round product, which possesses superior, comprehensive and high-class technology, the like of which is pioneering in the field of diagnosis.


Assessment of the new H.A.S.I. filter

This initial assessment has confirmed the working hypothesis that the H.A.S.I. filter in combination with specially designed LED light can display vascular changes with approx. 20 percent more contrast when compared to the conventional green filters that have been used for colposcopy so far. Vessels in and on the mucosa are displayed more clearly. A good contrast makes it easier for trained examiners to detect atypical vessels and the capillary indicators of “rough mosaic” and “rough gran-ulation”, as they are more distinctive in the display. Even before the pre-acetic acid test, it is possible to display areas of rough change and possibly perform a targeted smear test here before the acetic acid can take effect and influence the cytological assessment.


Summary and outlook

Initial examinations using the H.A.S.I. filter have confirmed the hypothesis that it will considerably increase contrast in comparison with traditional filters. When compared to the conventional green filter, the H.A.S.I. filter demonstrates on average 20 percent better contrast for vascular changes. This hypothesis now needs to be corroborated by a prospective evaluation.


The H.A.S.I. filter (“Haemoglobin Absorption Spectral Imaging”)

  • A.S.I. increases the contrast between vessels and the mucosa
  • Better contrast enables better detection of vascular changes and capillary indicators

ATMOS® i View 21/31 Colpo (ATMOS MedizinTechnik, Germany)


The OptiLight system and much more


Large exit pupil

For quick three dimensional perception and comfortable, fatigue-free work, a key factor is the ease with which the pupils of the human eye are aligned with the exit pupil of the eyepiece. For this reason the particulary large exit pupil of the ATMOS® i View makes working less stressful. In addition to this, an excellent stereo effect is assured as a result of the heightened stereo base of 24 mm.


Auto light

The light automatically switches on when positioning the colposcope – this saves time and makes the workflow easier. Additional switching on of the light before an examination is not necessary.



The integrated LED light is the core component of the ATMOS® i View colposcope. In its development, we have applied the expertise which has been gained from the successful use of LED technology in our head lamps, endoscopy light sources and camera visualising systems over many years.



Now patients are even more aware than was previously the case, as a result they require

a lot more information. For this reason visualisation has long been part of everyday procedure in GYNE surgeries.

The easy to handle integrated camera of the ATMOS® i View supports you in communicating with the patient and helps to ensure quality.

Endoscope cameras or high resolution digital cameras featuring a Sony E-Mount bayonet can be used alternatively. Regardless of what camera is used, the optical system of the colposcope is designed for HD-technology.


Measuring scale

Via a small turning knob a true to scale dimension scale can be inserted into the examination layer of the illumination light path. This documentation capable display simplifies the measurement of objects independently from the 5 times magnification changer. The scale can be displayed in both the 3D-picture and on all camera pictures and can be removed any time if necessary.


Operation panel

In order to focus fully on your patients a simple control of all electrical functions is possible, via the operation panel.


Operation panel functions include:

  • Freeze frame storage
  • Starting/Stopping of video recordings
  • Switching from permanent light to stroboscopy
  • Illumination control brightness.

No fan noise or vibrations

The new design of all optical components to reflect the latest LED technology allows the user to dispense with fans, despite the superb brightness.


PC archiving software

PC archiving software with a patient database


Ergonomic hand grips

There are various, ergonomically shaped hand grips available.

    ATMOS® i View 21/31 Colpo (ATMOS MedizinTechnik, Germany)
    ATMOS® i View 21/31 Colpo (ATMOS MedizinTechnik, Germany)