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Access 2 Immunoassay System Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Exceptional productivity in a compact design

Maximize your laboratory's productivity with the Access 2 Immunoassay System, a powerful and reliable benchtop immunoassay analyzer featuring a space-saving design, user-friendly features and a complete menu of more than 50 tests. Using feedback from customers, we’ve enhanced the Access 2 with new features to improve your experience. Now you can increase system availability by providing remote instrument diagnostics through desktop sharing, identify reagent packs automatically using an internal barcode reader to minimize operator loading errors, and make analyzer operation more comfortable with an ergonomic workstation design.

The Access 2 contains the robustness of a reference laboratory immunoassay analyzer in the convenient size of a benchtop system, providing greater control over performance, reliability and speed without sacrificing valuable laboratory space.

Maximized productivity in a minimal footprint

  • Throughput of up to 100 tests per hour
  • One of the smallest footprints in its class
  • Loading capacity of 60 samples at one time
  • Random access for running any combination of samples at any time
  • Rapid kinetics for improved turnaround time
  • STAT and automatic reflex testing

Reliable uptime with fewer emergency service calls

  • Sample probe obstruction detection
  • Remote monitoring and instrument diagnostics capability through PROService

Established performance for confidence in patient results

  • Proven chemiluminescent and magnetic particle separation technology
  • Unique, assay-specific protocols for optimal assay performance
  • 10,000 placements worldwide

Lower operating costs

  • Onboard refrigerated storage of up to 24 assays
  • 50 tests per pack*
  • No dedicated water system requirement

Ease of operation

  • User-friendly interface with color-coded, icon-driven touch screen
  • Internal barcode reader automatically identifies reagent packs upon loading, minimizing operator loading errors
  • Ergonomic workstation with flexible movement provides comfort to system operators
  • Status bar indicator light for easy visibility of instrument status from across the laboratory

Standardization that simplifies processes and improves operational efficiencies

All Access immunoassay systems feature standardized test menus, assay protocols, instrument processes and reference ranges. Together, these features minimize training requirements and streamline inventory management tasks for labor cost savings, while providing consistent results across the healthcare delivery network.

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    19.5 x 39 x 24 in.
    50 x 99 x 61 cm.


    Up to 100 tests/hour

    Sample Types 

    • Serum
    • Plasma
    • Urine
    • Amniotic fluid
    • Whole blood

    Onboard Reagent Capacity  



    Test Menu


    • Cortisol (Serum/Plasma/Urine)


    • Active B12†
    • EPO
    • Ferritin
    • Folate
    • Folate (RBC)
    • Intrinsic Factor Ab
    • sTfR
    • Vitamin B12
    • Blood Virus
    • HAV Ab
    • HAV IgM
    • HBc Ab
    • HBc IgM
    • HBs Ab
    • HBs Ag
    • HBs Ag Confirmatory
    • HCV Ab V3‡
    • HIV Combo‡

    Bone Metabolism

    • Intact PTH
    • (Routine or Intraoperative)
    • Ostase
    • Ultrasensitive hGH
    • 25(OH) Vitamin D Total


    • CK-MB
    • Digoxin
    • hsTnI
    • Myoglobin
    • Triage BNP§


    • Ultrasensitive Insulin
    • Infectious Disease CMV IgG
    • CMV IgM
    • Rubella IgG
    • Rubella IgM
    • Toxo IgG
    • Toxo IgM II
    • Inflammation
    • IL-6 (RUO in Japan)


    • AFP (ONTD)
    • AMH
    • DHEA-S
    • hFSH
    • hLH
    • Inhibin A
    • PAPP-A
    • Progesterone
    • Prolactin
    • Sensitive Estradiol
    • SHBG
    • Testosterone
    • Total βhCG (5th IS)
    • Unconjugated Estriol


    • T3 (Free and Total)
    • T4 (Free and Total)
    • Thyroglobulin
    • Thyroglobulin Ab II
    • Thyroid Uptake
    • TPO Ab
    • TSH (3rd IS)

    Tumor Markers

    • AFP
    • CEA
    • BR Monitor (CA 15-3 Antigen)
    • GI Monitor (CA 19-9 Antigen)
    • OV Monitor (CA 125 Antigen)
    • Prostate Health
    • Hybritech PSA
    • Hybritech free PSA
    • Hybritech p2PSA
    • Prostate Health Index (phi)