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Endomed 482 (Enraf-Nonius, Netherlands)

Complete, easy-to-use, fast and the responsible choice for electrotherapy!

The Endomed 482 is the electrotherapy device for the demanding therapist.
Electrotherapy has many possibilities and applications. The deployment of pain control and muscle stimulation has a long history and is well substantiated scientifically. The use of electrotherapy is not invasive, easy to apply and will not burden the patient. Electrotherapy is, therefore, often an excellent alternative to
medication or other interventions. 
The Endomed 482 is characterised by its convenient use because of its touch screen interface and the extensive protocol library (no fewer than 42 items and evidence based) as is the case with the other devices from the Enraf-Nonius 4 series. 
The Endomed 482 can be expanded with a Vacotron 460. This integrated unit ensures that applying electrotherapy by using vacuum electrodes becomes very easy.
The Endomed 482: the complete, easy-to-use, fast and safe device for electrotherapy!
Equipment for pain management, muscle stimulation and/or diagnostics. Electrotherapy applications for fast pain relief without side effects. Muscles can be stimulated to improve the function of soft tissue. Electrotherapy can be used to measure differentiated tissue response to stimulation, to provide a diagnosis about tissue quality.