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CTG paper (fetal cardiotocography) is used as a consumable for a fetal monitor, which most accurately records the contraction of the fetal heart (and possibly several fetuses, for example, twins), the activity of these contractions, and is also able to track and show uterine contractions in parallel.

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General description

The paper for fetal monitors must be of the highest quality and meet all the requirements imposed on it. The image quality should allow you to see everything, even the smallest deviations, so that the doctor can get reliable information about the condition of the fetus and the activity of its heart, notice the presence of pathology in time and take measures to eliminate it. That is why the choice of paper should be approached with responsibility.
CTG Record paper is a premium medical chart paper with the possibility of high-quality printing, provides a bright printout with incredibly clear image accuracy and durability of up to 10 years. The paint does not spread, does not erase, does not smudge, does not fade. Thanks to this, the data is stored for a long time.
Our KTG Record paper has been recognized by such world-famous brands as Hewlett Packard, Kez, Marquette, Nihon Kohden and Schiller. This indicates that the product perfectly integrates with their machines and meets industry standards.
To choose the right paper for a fetal monitor, you should study the technical passport of the device and the characteristics of the consumable material indicated by the manufacturer on the package.

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