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Accord Fetal CTG Gel is a green water-based transparent gel with Aloe Vera extract for use in Doppler ultrasound studies.
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Brand: Accord Fetal
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General description

- suitable for use with all fetal monitors;
- compatibility with Bionet sensors is proven by a specialized laboratory;
- allows you to increase the service life of sensors (the gentle gel environment does not negatively affect the surface of sensors, unlike other gels);
- bacteriostatic (reduces the risk of bacterial infection);
- hypoallergenic (does not irritate the skin);
- free of grease, odors and stains;
- available in 260g pack;
- always in stock.
It is applied directly to the fetal monitor sensor or body, distributed over the skin, and provides full contact. The gel is easily removed with a napkin or washed off with water, does not stain clothes.

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