Medical Condoms for Ultrasound Probe

The nozzle for the Contour ultrasound sensor is a disposable barrier-type product that has the form of an elastic thin-walled tube with one closed end.

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General description

The use of medical condoms ensures the safety of ultrasound examination, and eliminates the possibility of transmission and spread of infection between patients.
Scope of application
Contour medical condom is used for performing vaginal-rectal ultrasound diagnostics. They protect the sensors of ultrasound devices, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the operations performed. Medical condoms are made of natural material, they have increased transparency, strength and smoothness.
Contour ultrasound condoms have a universal shape and dimensions (length 190-200 mm, thickness-0.05-0.09 mm, diameter-28 mm). This allows you to use medical condoms for various types of ultrasound equipment. The latex condom is quickly and easily put on the sensor, fits snugly to it and does not slip off during the examination of tissues and organs.

Package - 144 pcs.

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