Disposable Electrodes

Disposable Amulet electrodes are the most popular and economical disposable electrodes made in the form of a disk.

Brand: Amulet
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This shape of the electrodes makes it easy to apply them to the patient's chest. The surface of the stainless steel pin is coated with Ag/AgCl silver chloride, which ensures good signal conduction. The shape of the pin provides an easy and high-quality connection with any type of ECG cables. The products have a long shelf life, are hermetically packed and are absolutely hygienic in use.
Amulet disposable electrodes are specially designed for the following conditions of use:
- emergency care;
- short-term monitoring of the heart;
- cardiogram recordings for increased sweating;
- monitoring of the patient during surgical operations;
- more convenient, hygienic and easy to use;
- highly stable silver chloride material of the eyelet allows for reliable and stable recording;
- the electrode is made of hypoallergenic material, does not contain latex and is absolutely safe;
- provides excellent contact with the patient's skin and practically does not require special skin treatment;
- provides standard tolerances and minimal wear of connecting wires.

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